I care for my elderly father (83) who I ensure has lavender for his rest and eucalyptus for his ease of breathing, the green tea is for me.. I love it! It's crisp and clean.

(Ms) Jo Munro Managing Director of The Executive Muse

We love your products.

George Sorgi Managing Director of Virtium

I suffer from asthma, sinus and migraines and cannot use aerosol air fresheners so I bought a Breathe air purifying unit and da trial oil pack from TVSN Australia. I was so pleased with the product I also purchased one for my mother and have them recommended to all my friends.

Barbara Lobendahn St Marys NSW Australia

I have bought TVSN in Australia 6 Breathe's, 3 for gifts and we use 3 at home as my husband (never ever smoked) lives with COPD Asthma and sleep apnoea and the Breath's really make a difference to the quality of his much needed rest and sleep. We have other expensive air and breathing aids which contribute but the Breathe makes a noticeable difference.

Dianne Stratton Australia

Its surprised how much dust is collected by it and how nice it makes the house smell.

Carol Sedunary Para Hills, South Australia

Been introduced to BREATHE Air purifier, I tried it and invested in the product and used it in my private practice.

Philippe Steiner Senior Physiotherapist & Executive Director of Kinesis Physio & Rehab

Indeed, everyone is very happy with BREATHE.

Chris Chan Salon Parfeit, Singapore

We've started using BREATHE Air Purifier since June 2004. Since then, we have enjoyed it so much that it is the first thing that will be turned on every morning I arrive into the office.

Yvone Kam Admin Manager of St Margaret's Secondary School

On behalf of the Copthorne Orchid Hotel, I would to thank Constance for introducing the BREATHE Air Revitalizer with its aromatherapy solutions. 

Maureen Tang Food & Beverage Manager of Copthorne Orchid Hotel Singapore

For some time my daughter and I have been suffering from sinusitis, hay fever and allergy reactions due to the ever changing environment. BREATHE products have helped us in relieving our prevailing health problems by providing consolation during emotional extremes, soothes and stabilises comfort with a sense of ease.

Lt Col (Ret) Bob Cheaj

I asked my sister-in-law to smoke a cigarette and then lock  up the 4m x 4m room for up to an hour an hour. The room smelt badly of smoke. I then ran BREATHE with Green Apple. It took roughly 2 hours to eradicate all traces of smoke.

Pualine Chong Regional Knowledge Broke (Asia/Australia)
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